January 30, 2020

NorthPointe Woods Featured in Scene Magazine

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NorthPointe Woods is pleased to have been featured in a recent edition of Scene Magazine, with an informative article titled, “Where you live could help you live a longer, healthier, happier life.”

To read the article, found on page 17 in the magazine, in its entirety, click here.

Research suggests, year after year, that something as simple as more social opportunities can support longevity and a more rewarding life—especially for seniors. When families weigh the costs and benefits, they may find a move to a senior lifestyle community offers that—and more. We talked to an executive director at a local retirement community for his take on the subject.

Senior Social Challenges

“Reaching retirement age often means less contact with work colleagues, friends and family. The loss of social contacts has a direct impact on mental and physical well-being,” says NorthPointe Woods Executive Director, Ron Monte.

The good news is taking advantage of chances to meet new people and developing new relationships have been shown in studies to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of some physical health concerns. Seniors who choose to live in their home have options, too. Engagement in local senior centers, faith organizations and volunteer pursuits keep them occupied, but a common problem crops up: older adults often feel less comfortable driving or leaving their neighborhood, so those interactions become increasingly difficult.”

To read the article, found on page 17 in the magazine, in its entirety, click here.

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