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Memory Care Service in Battle Creek, MI

Memory Care Services in Battle Creek, MI

Our team at NorthPointe Woods prioritizes our residents and members of our community. As we age, memory can start to slip, which is why we provide top-quality memory care services to help your loved ones who struggle with memory loss of any kind. For a life filled with community, development, and friendship for your loved one, reach out to our team at NorthPointe Woods.
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Heartfelt Connections

Heartfelt Connections is a nationally recognized, person centered, activity-focused program that is grounded in the knowledge that the abilities that remain for an individual impacted by Alzheimer’s or other dementias are much more important than what is lost. By leveraging this specialized dementia care, we help loved ones capture a lasting legacy about each resident’s family, their friends, career, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and then apply these insights to individualized programming for the resident. Through this program, we focus on each resident’s unique abilities, enriching lives and creating success stories one small victory at a time.
Heartfelt Connections

What Are Memory Care Services?

Memory care services are services designed specifically to meet the needs of residents with memory issues or who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Residents with memory care requirements need individualized attention to ensure their safety. At NorthPointe Woods, we provide high quality memory care services for seniors so they can live a fulfilling and healthy life. There are many aspects of memory care service that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each resident. We provide services such as medication assistance, assistance with feeding/eating, and extra security surrounding living spaces. These services ensure the safety of our residents and provide them with happy, healthy living situations.

The Benefits of Memory Care

• Cognitive Stimulation: With activities that sharpen the mind, memory can be retained and improved to a certain extent. An active mind is a healthy mind!
• Emergency Monitoring: With the busiest of everyday schedules, and the need for love and attention for our loved ones, you can be comforted that our expert staff members will be there. Our staff monitors our residents, ensuring their safety and tracking their care.
• Care Coordination: At NorthPointe Woods, we have many professionals that work together to provide residents with every aspect of care that they need. Our professionals are communicative and unified in their care of your loved one, providing comprehensive and high-quality care.
• Staff Expertise and Professionalism: The members of our staff are highly trained to care for our residents' every need. Our memory care staff are some of the top professionals in their field, working every day to improve our residents' quality of life.

• Safe and Supportive Environment: We understand that memory loss is a very difficult thing for families to go through. That’s why our team manages our memory care environments to reduce everyday stressors and any potential overstimulation. This helps to keep our residents safe and happy.
• Behavior Management: Our team of experts strives to address behavioral symptoms of dementia by first looking at the environmental or habitual factors of our residents' lives. Once we address scheduling or environmental triggers, our team can adjust to avoid or reduce triggers. We prefer trying these alternative measures to impact environmental triggers to avoid any further, unnecessary treatments.
• Active Lifestyle Based on Abilities: We believe that an active lifestyle can benefit our residents mentally and physically. Our team will take a look at cognitive abilities and create specialized plans for each resident. We look for ways to provide your loved one with a full and fulfilling life that meets their needs and can help them grow. We provide physical fitness, socialization, cognitive exercises, and more for our residents.

How Does Memory Care Compare to Other Senior Care Options?

Memory care is specialized care for residents with memory services and needs. It is the perfect place for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. But how do they compare to our other senior service options or other services elsewhere?

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living Program is specifically designed as a long-term living option for seniors who may need some assistance with daily activities, but also can function well on their own. This option is great for customized care for your loved ones, as residents can live as independently as they’re able, and our team can step in on activities of daily living they need assistance with.

Memory Care

Our senior memory care services target care for individuals with memory loss. There are special programs and functions in place to protect and care for these residents. With the memory care program, there is less independence for our residents and more assistance given to ensure their safety. If you aren’t sure about which services your loved one needs, please call to speak with our team. We can find the right place and advise you on the best course of action.

Michigan Assisted Living Laws & Regulations

Our professionals at NorthPointe Woods are highly trained and knowledgeable about the Michigan assisted living laws and regulations. Our community not only meets these requirements, but goes above and beyond to best care for our residents. When looking for the best community for your loved one, it is crucial that it respects all of the following laws and requirements:

1. Admissions Process & Requirements
a. An assessment is required for each potential resident, detailing the services we will provide for your loved one. Our Director of Nursing will perform this assessment so we can make the best plan for continuing care.
b. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia is not required to be admitted to a memory care community in Michigan. The reasoning is that dementia is difficult to definitively diagnose, and the community should focus on helping symptoms.
2. Community/Residence
a. Memory care communities must be designed to specifically meet the needs of people with dementia. A specific layout of these design aspects and memory care focused structures should be provided to residents and family upon arrival.

3. Staff and Training
a. There must be enough staff members to provide and care for all residents. All of our staff must pass a background check and fingerprinting. They must be 18+ years old. They must have relevant training and knowledge pertaining to memory care, and they must be trained in all emergency medical care, such as first aid and CPR.
4. Evictions and Discharges
a. In some cases, an eviction or discharge is possible. In these cases, the residents have rights that must be honored and respected.

Why Choose NorthPointe Woods?

NorthPointe Woods treats your family members as our own. When our residents come to stay with us, we prioritize their safety, development, and health. Our memory care services are just one aspect of the complete and comprehensive care we provide for our residents. When you choose NorthPointe Woods, you’re choosing top-notch care for your loved one.
Contact our team today for more information about our memory care services or inquiries about moving your loved one into our community. Whatever care and services your loved one needs, we can provide them. With our continuum of care model and independent living, assisted living, and memory care services, your family is safe in our hands. Learn more about our senior living community options to find the best fit.

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Contact our team today for more information about our memory care services or inquiries about moving your loved one into our community. Whatever care and services your loved one needs, we can provide them. With our continuum of care model and independent living, assisted living, and memory care services, your family is safe in our hands. Learn more about our senior living community options to find the best fit.

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